Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Kaki Kaki Gavvala Kaki Telugu Animated Rhymes #TeluguRhymes

Kaki Kaki Gavvala Kaki  Telugu Animated Rhymes #TeluguRhymes

Kaki Kaki Gavvala Kaki’ is a Telugu Rhyme. It narrates the experience of a kid with a crow. The lyrics in this Telugu rhyme describe the kid to whom a feather is given by a crow. But what happens next is a surprise! The rhyme ends with a feel good emotion. ‘Kaki Kaki Gavvala Kaki’ is one of those unique Telugu Rhymes which unfolds further with each successive lyric and ends with an unexpected surprise. #TeluguRhymes#KidsSongs #TeluguNurseryRhymes

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